MAXC Round 4 – Riley Miracle Race – ATV Race Report


2012 MAXC Racing – Round 4 – Riley Miracle Race – ATV Race Report
Dirtworks’ Ryan Lane Wins, Jay Humphrey & Kevin Cunningham Podium

MAXC Round 4 – Riley Miracle Race ATV Racing Links

Springville, IN (6/19/2012) – The 2012 Blingstar AMA MAXC ATV Racing Series headed to Springville, IN for round four of the ten round series. Ryan Lane would take his third win of the season followed by Jay Humphrey and Kevin Cunningham rounding out the AA Quad Class Podium.Round 4 marked a special event for the Blingstar AMA MAXC ATV Racing Series; the second annual Riley Children’s Hospital Miracle Race. All of the proceeds from MAXC round 4 were donated to Riley’s Children’s Hospital, which help children in need.

The race was held at Lawrence County Recreational Park which also played host to GNCC round 6. For MAXC round 4 however, a new course was laid out and incorporated open field sections, woods, a few hill climbs, and a rock jump. The weather forecast called for 60% chance of thunderstorms throughout the day. Luckily the thunderstorms held off only raining for five minutes which cut down on the dust for the Youth ATV race.

Ryan Lane & Ray Humphrey
#75 Ray Humphrey & #82 Ryan Lane were wheel-to-wheel going into the woods

DC Motorsports Ryan Lane and Ray Humphrey were side by side off the start heading into the woods. Lane was able to make the pass before heading into the woods to take the lead.

“We were dead even going into the wood line. I knew I had to be up front or I wouldn’t have a chance to win and that’s what I did. The first lap was a little tough because there are so many trails out here. I had to be real careful to watch for the arrows so you knew were to go even without the dust. I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like in the dust.” Said Ryan Lane

Ryan Lane - Honda 450R ATV
Ryan Lane - Honda 450R ATV
Houser Racing’s Ryan Lane took his third win this season at the MAXC Riley Miracle Race in Springville, IN

Hiper Racing’s Jay Humphrey was third off the start behind Ryan Lane and Ray Humphrey .

Jay Humphrey - Honda 450R ATV
Jay Humphrey - Honda 450R ATV
Hiper Racing’s Jay Humphrey placed second aboard his Honda 450R Sport ATV

“I got in behind my cousin Raymond (Humphrey) off the start. He took kind of a ditch route and I got around him there. I tried to run Lane down but he kinda checked out on us. Then Kevin (Cunningham) caught me on the last lap and I thought I would have a hard time holding him off but I lucked out and kept him behind me.” Explained Jay Humphrey.

Kevin Cunningham didn’t get a great start and had to work his way through the dust from the back of the pack

Kevin Cunningham - Honda 450R ATV
Kevin Cunningham - Honda 450R ATV
Blingstar’s Kevin Cunningham rounded out the AA Quad Class Podium in third

“After pitting for fuel, I through a CamelBak on because I was dying for water. I started putting the hammer down trying to catch these guys. I finally caught up Jay (Humphrey) and I have him a pretty good run for his money but we will settle for third for the conditions.” Said Kevin Cunningham.

AA ATV Class Podium
AMA Blingstar MAXC AA ATV Class Podium (left to right)
Jay Humphrey (2nd), Ryan Lane (1st), Kevin Cunningham (3rd)

#385 Branden Nichols took the win in the A Class. Rounding out the podium was Andrew Stafford and #176 Brycen Neal in second and third.

Kyrie Brafford - Honda 450R ATV
Parks Motorsports’ Kyrie Brafford placed second in the B 15-24 ATV class

The B 15-24 ATV class was one of biggest classes at MAXC Round 4 with almost 30 riders that lined up at the starting line. Ben Krafft from St Joe, IN took an impressive win by finishing over 5 minutes ahead of second place #920 Eric Bryant from Mooresville, IN. Kyrie Brafford rounded out the podium on her Spider Graphix backed Honda 450R ATV.

In the 13-15 yrs 300cc 4 Stroke Class, #1 Tyler Weltich was able to beat the heat and the dust to take the win. Travis Spencer and Corey Silverthorn rounded out the class respectively.

8 Bryce Enright
#8 Bryce Enright placed second at Blingstar AMA MAXC Round 4

#501 Bo Martin from Martinsville, IN won the 90cc Limited Quad Class aboard his Honda. #8 Bryce Enright finished second and #38 Trenton Mills finished third.

Not only did the MAXC Round 4 ATV race help Riley Children’s Hospital but there was also a open ride on Saturday that drove in between 1,200 and 1,500 riders.

“There was a good turn out for both the Riley Miracle Ride and the Riley Miracle Race. We hope to make a pretty good donation to Riley Children’s Hospital.” Stated MAXC Race Series Owner Mike Gibbs.

The next Blingstar AMA MAXC Race will be held July 21st, 2012 in Martinsville, IN.

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