MAXC Round 6 – Monster Mountain – Bike Race Report


2012 Mid America Cross Country Series Round 6 Bike Race Report
Obermyer Yamaha’s Chris Bach Wins AA Class , Adam Bonneur, &  Jeff Cregg Podium

The 2012 Blingstar AMA MAXC Racing Series headed south to a new venue called Monster Mountain XC in Caanan, Indiana for round 6. There, Chris Bach would take his third win of the season, while Adam Bonneur and Jeff Cregg would round out the AA Bike class podium.

Near prefect riding conditions welcomed racers and spectators at MAXC Round 6. With great weather and 70 degree temperatures most the day, racers could not have asked for better conditions to experience MAXC’s latest race venue.

Monster Mountain MAXC race venue is located no more than 15 minutes from the 2012 Mid America Cross Country opening round location. The track featured a wide-open hilltop with many acres of mowed grass parking. The six-mile course consisted of brand new never ridden virgin trails, high-speed field sections, rocky creek beds, and several hill climbs.

Steven Squire got off to a great start by grabbing the AA class holeshot. Squire held down the lead for the first lap and then on the second lap Squire’s bead broke on his tire putting him out of the race for the day.

Jeff Cregg would round out the AA class podium at Monster Mountain XC MAXC round 6.

“I love tight and technical tracks. The only thing that was kind of bad was there was lot of lapped riders in the way” Said Spider Graphix’s Jeff Cregg who took the final spot on the AA class podium in third.

Having been grown up riding tightly wooded trails, Adam Bonneur embraced his roots and was able to grab a second place finish at Monster Mountain XC.

“The track today was pretty good. A lot of it was virgin trail, it was stuff that has not ever been ridden on before. Mike and the guys did a really good job so you gotta give it up to them. It was a little bit tighter but that is what I grew up doing that kind of stuff. You had to be smart but you also had to be fast today. It took me a little bit to figure it out after a slow start but eventually I got it figured it out and placed second.” Said Fly Racing’s Adam Bonneur

Chris Bach from Crownpoint, Indiana got a good start but bumped into some riders on the second turn and fell back to the back of the pack. Bach made his way up to the front of the pack, but on the pro hill climb he had to push the bike up the hill and make his way once again up form the back of the field.

“I got up to the first pro hill climb and I made a big mistake and I actually had to get off my bike and push it the rest of the way up the hill. I went all the way back to last. All the guys that were up front – me, Adam (Bonneur), and Jeff (Cregg) went straight to the back. From there on I had to work by way up the the front which I did.” Said JGR’s Chris Bach

“It was by far the hardest track this year for sure, I would say even a little harder than some of the GNCC’s we have been to with all the rocks and how tight it was. It was nice and a challenge. It made racing a little bit closer with all the lapped riders. It was a good day and I got the win.” Stated Obermyer Yamaha’s Chris Bach.

In the Open A class it was Duell Murphy from Huntington, IN who took the win at Monster Mountain XC. #696 Luke Chilman placed second followed by #123 Austin Lee from Bedford, IN.

The Light C class was one of the largest classes at MAXC round 6 with 25 riders that lined up on the starting line. #351 Ryan Hoover from Zionsville, IN took the win and was joined on the podium with #120 Tanner Bartlett and #743 Elliott Harris.

In the SuperMini bike class Mike Witkowski continued his winning streak by winning his 5th race this season. #127 Vincent Smith placed second followed by #928 Drew Gibbs.

Blingstar AMA MAXC Racing Series will make its seventh stop of the ten round series in Caanan, IN once again on September 8, 2012.


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