MAXC Round 7 – Circle W Ranch ATV Race Report


2012 MAXC Racing – Round 7 – Circle W Ranch – ATV Race Report
Precision Racing’s Adam McGill Wins AA Class, Taylor Kiser & Ryan Lane Podium

MAXC Round 7 -
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Canaan, IN (9/11/2012) – The 2012 Blingstar AMA MAXC ATV Racing Series headed back down to southern Indiana for Circle W Ranch Round 7 in Caanan, IN. Several of the top GNCC Racers were in attendance to get some extra practice in before the GNCC Summer break ends.

Precision Racing’s Adam McGill and Ballance Racing’s Taylor Kiser would battle down the finish to decide the victor. Adam McGill would edge out Taylor Kiser just a few turns before the finish to win the AA Class and the MAXC Adult ATV Overall. Taylor Kiser would place second followed by Brycen Neal in third.

With rain falling Friday into Saturday morning, it was looking like racers were in for what was thought to be a muddy race. By 8 am Saturday morning, the rain seized and the sun came out behind the clouds and began to dry the track up. By the beginning of the Adult ATV Race, the track was in near perfect conditions for an exciting ATV race.

Although Blingstar MAXC Round 7 took place in the same location as Round 1, almost the entire course used newly cut trails. The venue had a completely different feel than the opening round, which was held in the valley of the property, rather than at higher elevation of Round 7. The track consisted over just over 6 miles of virgin trails, several open field sections, a few creek crossings, and many hill climbs.

Precision Racing - Honda 450R ATV
Precision Racing’s #2 Adam McGill grabbed the Blingstar MAXC AA Class Holeshot

ITP’s Adam McGill drove 5.5 hours from West Virginia to Caanan, IN to race Blingstar MAXC Round 7. Although this was McGill’s first MAXC appearance, McGill had some close competition with many other fast ATV racers in attendance.  After grabbing the Holeshot, McGill held onto the lead for three laps until Taylor Kiser caught up and made the pass. McGill was able to regain the lead just before the finish to take the win.

Precision Racing - Honda 450R ATV
Precision Racing - Honda 450R ATV
GNCC XC1 Pro ATV Racer Adam McGill won MAXC Round 7 at Circle W Ranch
Taylor Kiser - Yamaha YFZ450R ATV
#2 Adam McGill & #3 Taylor Kiser battled eachother for position on the last two laps making for an exciting race

“We pulled the Holeshot, I have a dirtworks 24volt system in this thing and it just fired right up. My ITP tires hooked up real well and I pulled the holeshot. I knew Taylor (Kiser) would be coming all day. I rode about three laps alone and on last lap he caught me and got around me. There were a couple lines I tired to pass, but he shut the door on me. The only one I knew of was this last one down here, so I tried to run it in deep and it held. I came out a little before him and we clipped. It happens but hopefully no hard feelings. I wouldn’t but anyone into the trees on purpose. I just assumed that I had the line and I held it. It was a good track and good racing” said Lonestar’s Adam McGill

After starting around midpack, Taylor Kiser worked his way up to second place behind Adam McGill. By the third lap Kiser was nipping at the heels of #2 Adam McGill. On the third lap Kiser was able to make the pass to take the lead. Kiser held off many pass attempts by McGill, but was unable to hang on to the lead before crossing the finish.

“The track was really good and had a good layout, it had a lot of hills and off cambers. They did a great job of laying it out. I got off to a kind of a bad start, I was fourth and I was able to work my way up. Adam (McGill) had a pretty good lead.” said Maxxis’ Taylor Kiser.

Taylor Kiser - Yamaha YFZ450R ATV
Taylor Kiser - Yamaha YFZ450R ATV
Ballance Racing / Yamaha’s #3 Taylor Kiser placed second at Blingstar AMA Mid Ameria Cross Country Round 7 in Canaan, Indiana

“I was able to put my head down and charge and catch up. I got the lead halfway through the last lap, but he passed me in a whoop section line I really didn’t see and we got together and I ended up in the bushes. Racing is racing and it was a good day all in all, and I was glad to come out with a second”

Precision Racing - Honda 450R ATV
Precision Racing - Honda 450R ATV
AA ATV Class Points leader Ryan Lane rounded out the AA Class podium in third

Rounding out the AA Class podium in second was DC Cycles’ Ryan Lane. Despite some technical issues Lane was able to still take a podium spot on at MAXC Round 7.

After starting from the back of the pack, Open A class racer Brycen Neal worked his way up to the front on lap 2 and lead the Open A Class until the finish aboard his DeRisi Racing Honda 450R ATV. Neal was also able to grab the final spot on the MAXC Adult ATV overall in third.

Brycen Neal - Honda 450R ATV
Brycen Neal - Honda 450R ATV
Derisi Racing’s Brycen Neal placed third overall & finished first in the Open A Class

“I got a bad start, but I was able to weave my way past everyone in the first mile and a half. Kevin (Cunningham) and Ryan (Lane) looked like they were having problems. I basically rode by myself the whole time and I tried to catch the imaginary riders in front of me.” Stated Open A class points leader Brycen Neal.

ATV Class Overall Podium
AMA Blingstar MAXC Adult ATV Overall Podium (left to right)
Taylor Kiser(3rd), Adam McGill (1st), Brycen Neal (3rd)

Placing second in the Open A Class was #386 Braden Nichols from Hamilton, IN. Securing the final spot the Open A class podium was #387 Josh Beach from Spencer, IN.

Cory Silversthorn - Honda Youth ATV
#553 Cory Silverthorn grabbed his his third win of the season at MAXC Round 7

#553 Cory Silverthorn continued his winning streak at Blingstar MAXC Round 7 by winning his third race in a row. Silverthorn is currently the 13-15 yrs 300cc 4 Stk Quad points leader. Rounding out the 13-15 yrs 300cc 4 Stk Quad was #1 Tyler Weltich in second and #22 Trevor Spencer in third.

Blingstar AMA MAXC Racing Series will make its eighth stop of the ten round series in Spencer, IN on September 22, 2012.

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