MAXC Round 9 – Black Hawk – Bike Race Report


2012 Mid America Cross Country Series Round 9 Bike Race Report
Precision Racing’s Chris Bach Wins, Rory Mead, and Chris Douglas Podium

The 2012 Blingstar AMA MAXC ATV Racing Series headed North to Culver, Indiana for the MAXC Blackhawk Round 9. Hosted by the Blackhawk Cycle Club, this would be the first race held by AMA Blingstar MAXC Racing Series despite Blackhawk Cycle Club’s long history of hare scramble racing.

Cloudy overcast skies and 60-degree temperatures greeted racers Saturday morning. Despite the weather forecast calling for 60% chance of rain, the rain held off most of the day until the end of the Adult Bike race making for almost perfect riding conditions.

The Blackhawk Cycle Club and the MAXC Racing crew spent several weeks riding at Blackhawk in Culver, IN laying out the 9-mile course. Unlike most other venues on the MAXC 10 round series schedule, the Blackhawk property featured very sandy terrain, tight single track trails, and many open fields sections.

AA Class points leader Chris Bach grew up racing at the Blackhawk Cycle Club. Bach actually took his first win of his racing career on the Blackhawk Cycle Club property. Rounding the Holeshot around in second place, Chris Bach made a pass to gain the lead and began putting some distance between him and second place.

“I got a good start. I just wanted to get out front and get a big lead. I had a little over a minute lead. I was going and my rear brake pedal, I saw a bolt came out of it. When I came around in the pits I got it fixed and then I took off again.” Said JGR Yamaha’s Chris Bach.

Placing second in the AA class was New Zealand native Rory Mead. Mead started towards the back of the pack and worked his way up to second place before crossing the finish.

“I got a pretty bad start. The bike just didn’t crank. It was kind of hard to pass on the first lap. It was really loaming sand and it would get thrown up in the air making it hard to see when you were trying to pass. I got around to second on the first lap. Chris Bach already pulled a pretty good lead. I found it hard to reel him in. I got him down to 40 seconds at the end of the race.” Said WMR KTM’s Rory Mead.

Maxxis’ Tires Chris Douglas rounded out the AA Class podium in third. Douglas currently sits third in the AA Class points after AMA MAXC Round 9.

#123 Austin Lee was on fire at the Blackhawk MAXC. Lee not only took the win in the Open A Class but he rounded out the Adult Bike overall podium in third.

“I love the sand and coming here I was hoping for a good finish” said Moose Racing’s Austin Lee

Rounding out the Open A class podium was Open A points leader #696 Luke Chilman and #57 Alex Witkowski from North Liberty, Indiana in third.

Spider Graphix’ #2 Mike Witkowski continued his winning streak by earning his eighth win at the Blackhawk MAXC. Witkowski currently sits first in the Supermini Bike class with one final round remaining in the 2012 MAXC racing season.

Placing second in the Supermini Bike class was #127 Vincent Smith from Nashville, IN. Rounding out the Supermini Bike class was #192 Dawson Dunnuck from Columbus, Indiana.

The Blingstar AMA MAXC Racing Series will head to southern Indiana for the MAXC season finale located in Nashville, Indiana. The MAXC Nashville “Big Nasty” is expected to have one the biggest turn out of the season. MAXC Round 10 will be held at the old Ski World Resort and will feature many elevation changes, tight technical woods, many off cambers, and a downhill ski jump.

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