MAXC Round 10 – Big Nasty – ATV Race Report


2012 MAXC Racing – Round 10 – Big Nasty- ATV Race Report
ITP’s Adam McGill Wins, Ryan Lane & Jonathan Fugate Round Out AA Class Podium

MAXC Round 10 – Big Nasty
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Nashville, IN (10/29/2012) –The Blingstar MAXC Racing Series season finale was held this past weekend in beautiful Nashville, Indiana. Named the “Big Nasty” the MAXC crew worked hard to create one of the best and most challenging tracks at the former Ski World ski resort.

MAXC Round 10 - Nashville, IN
The AMA Blingstar MAXC Round 10 season finale was held at the old Ski World Ski Resort in Nashville, Indiana that closed in 2004

As you may have guessed the  “Big Nasty” MAXC featured many elevation changes and took riders over many of the abandoned ski slopes making the racing at MAXC Round 10 exciting for both racers and spectators. The track was 7 miles in length and consisted of many mowed hillsides, open fields, tight woods, off cambers, and of course many hill climbs. Several of racers stated that the “Big Nasty” MAXC was one of the most challenging courses this season.

Kevin Cunningham - AA Class Holeshot
HMF’s Kevin Cunningham grabbed the MAXC AA class holeshot & the MZM Performance Holeshot award at the Big Nasty MAXC

Lonestar’s Adam McGill once again made the 5-hour drive from West Virginia to race the final round of the MAXC ATV Racing Series. There, McGill would take his fourth consecutive win at the MAXC Round 10 in Nashville, Indiana. After grabbing second in the first turn, Adam McGill applied pressure to Kevin Cunningham who grabbed the MZM Performance Holeshot award and made the pass to grain the lead when Cunningham got caught in some brush and crashed.

Adam McGill - Honda 450R ATV
Blingstar’s Adam McGill airs out his Honda 450R ATV on one of the many ski jumps at the old Ski World resort in Nashville, IN

“I had a decent start. I think I second or third in the first corner. You really had to be careful on the first lap or two. If you weren’t careful you could end up in trouble. I know Cunningham went end-over-end and I ended up catching him. I’m glad he was alright. Overall I had a good day the bike got a great start.  I like coming out here and the MAXC series is great!” said Precision Racing’s Adam McGill.

Precision Racing - Honda 450R ATV
Precision Racing - Honda 450R ATV
Precision Racing’s Adam McGill took his fourth consecutive win at the Big Nasty MAXC in Nashville, Indiana aboard his FMF powered Honda 450R ATV

Placing second overall and second in the AA Pro ATV Class was Spider Graphix’ Ryan Lane. After getting a mid pack start Ryan Lane worked his way up to second place before crossing the finish aboard his DC Cycles powered Honda 450R ATV.

Ryan Lane - Honda 450R ATV
Ryan Lane - Honda 450R ATV
MAXC AA ATV Class Points leader Ryan Lane rounded out the AA Class podium in third. Lane was also awared with the MAXC AA ATV Class Championship

“It was a good track. I got out second and Cunningham got out from everybody for a little bit. The first couple laps McGill gained some time on me. After that I kind of got into a rhythm and went from there.”  stated HMF’s Ryan Lane.

AMA Blingstar MAXC AA Pro ATV Points leader Ryan Lane also wrapped up his first AA Pro ATV Championship at MAXC Round 10.

Brycen Neal - Honda 450R ATV
Brycen Neal - Honda 450R ATV
Jet Suspension’s Brycen Neal placed third overall in the Adult ATV Podium & earn the Open A Championship Title

Rounding out the Adult Overall podium was Jet Suspension’s Brycen Neal.  This was Neal’s eighth win in the Open A Class and his seventh appearance on the Adult Overall podium.  In addition to placing third overall in the Adult Overall Podium at the MAXC “Big Nasty”, Brycen Neal was awarded with the Open A Class Championship title.

Brycen Neal - Honda 450R ATV
Brycen Neal kicks his Honda 450R ATV sideways on the Big Nasty MAXC track that went threw a storage barn at the old Ski World Resort

Placing third in the AA Class was Jonathan Fugate. This was Fugate’s second MAXC race in the AA class and he has landed on the podium both times. Fugate will be one to watch in the 2013 MAXC ATV Racing season.

Despite grabbing the MAXC ATV AA Class holehot, defending MAXC Champion Kevin Cunningham ran into some issues on the first couple laps.

“I had a really good start and I was just going from there. I was going up one of the uphills that shelved off and I was on the throttle and like Adam (McGill) said he seen my skid plate and the bike on top of me. I got to my quad and my clutch lever was bent down and I tried to bend it back up.”

Kevin Cunningham - Honda 450R ATV
Kevin Cunningham - Honda 450R ATV
Fly Racing’s Kevin Cunningham placed second in the 2012 Blingstar MAXC Series

“I had a pretty good ride going and I was still in third. I got to the top of the Pro hill and I got hung up on a big stick that went clear threw my heal guard. Brycen (Neal) got hung up behind me and I helped him get undone.  I ended up having to run clear down over the hill to get some other people to help me get the quad undone. We ended up having to use a knife to cut the nerfbar nets to get the quad undone” said Cunningham Racing’s Kevin Cunningham.

ATV Class Overall Podium
AMA Blingstar MAXC Adult ATV Overall Podium (left to right)
Ryan Lane (3rd), Adam McGill (1st), Brycen Neal (3rd)

Taking second in the Open A Class was GNCC women’s class race Kylie Ahart. After getting a bad start Ahart and overshooting a turn, Ahart had to make her way up to the front of the pack and crossed the finish second in the Open A class and sixth overall.

Kylie Ahart - Honda 450R ATV
Kylie Ahart - Honda 450R ATV
GNCC Women’s class racer Kylie Ahart placed second in the Open A Class

“I got a bad start. I was last in the woods. I overshot a turn and I was around 18th overall the first lap. I caught back up to everybody. On the third lap I started kick it up a bit and kept passing people and passing people and caught up to some of the pros and ended up second in the A class and sixth overall. I had a lot of fun at the MAXC and I loved it.” Said Kylie Ahart.

Rounding out the Open A class podium at the MAXC season finale was #26 Billy Patton from Bloomfield, IN.

Cory Silversthorn - Honda Youth ATV
#553 Cory Silverthorn placed third overall at the Big Nasty MAXC & won the 13-15 yrs 300cc 4stk Championship

#1 Tyler Welch would take the win in the 13-15 yrs 300cc 4 Stk Quad Class. Welch would finish his season placing third in the 13-15 yrs 300cc 4 Stk Quad Class points. #201 Lee Smith would make his second appearance in the 13-15 yrs 300cc 4 Stk Quad Class at the final round of the MAXC racing series were he would place second. Rounding out the 13-15 yrs 300cc 4 Stk Quad Class podium was #553 Cory Silverthorn from Culver, IN. Silverthorn would also take the 13-15 yrs 300cc 4 Stk Quad Class championship.

“I liked the track today. I didn’t have a good start and I went into the woods about fourth and then through the creek I managed to get to third” said Moto-Xperts’ Cory Silverthorn

The AMA Blingstar MAXC Racing Series will host a Family Fun Race in Springville, IN at the Abate Riding Park on November 11, 2012. This will be a non-points race. The 2012 Blingstar MAXC Racing Series Awards Banquet is also in the works and will be announced shortly.  Stay updated on the Blingstar MAXC Racing Series “Like” their Facebook page

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