MAXC Round 9 – Blackhawk – ATV Race Report


2012 MAXC Racing – Round 9 – Blackhawk – ATV Race Report
Precision Racing’s Adam McGill Wins, Kevin Cunningham & Ryan Lane Podium

MAXC Round 9 – Blackhawk
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Culver, IN (10/15/2012) –The 2012 Blingstar AMA MAXC ATV Racing Series headed to Northern Indiana for Round 9. Hosted by the Blackhawk Cycle Club, MAXC Round 9 was held in Culver, IN located only 20 miles south of the Michigan / Indiana border.

Cloudy overcast skies and 60-degree weather welcomed racers Saturday morning. The weatherman called for 60% chance of rain throughout the day. The rain held off until the end of the Adult Bike race and did not stop until after the checkered flag waved for the Adult ATV race making an interesting race for both racers and spectators.

MAXC Round 9 featured a new venue to the 2012 racing series. Although the Black Hawk Cycle club has been around for many years, it would be the first time MAXC would hold a race on the Black Hawk Cycle Club property.

The Blackhawk MAXC Round 9 course, although quite flat in elevation, did not detour the excitement. The track consisted of an 8 mile course that consisted of sandy woods, open fields, tight trails, and several natural jumps in the woods.

GNCC XC1 Pro Class ATV Racer Adam McGill would be in attendance at the Blackhawk MAXC. Coming off his first win of the GNCC Racing Season, Lonestar Racing’s Adam McGill would take his third consecutive win of the MAXC Racing Season at Blackhawk MAXC Round 9.

Ryan Lane Holeshot - Honda 450R ATv
Dirtwork’s Ryan Lane grabbed the AA Class Holeshot aboard his Spider Graphix’ backed Honda 450R ATV at the Blackhawk MAXC

“The start went really well. My Moto-Xperts motor pulled very well and my ITP tires hooked up great. My 24volt from Dirtworks just fires. I think I got beat the first turn. I ended up getting back up front the second turn. Cunningham got around me before we got into the woods. I followed him and he was riding good and I tried making a line around him and I ended up going through some brush and it pulled me into a tree. After that I was in fifth and I had to work my way back up. Once I got back up front Cunningham and Lane were right behind me and riding good. We came into the pits and then they were gone. ” said ITP’s Adam McGill.

Adam McGill - Honda 450R ATV
Adam McGill - Honda 450R ATV
Precision Racing’s Adam McGill took his third consecutive win at MAXC Round 9

Placing second was Cunningham Racing Engine’s Kevin Cunningham. After getting a mid pack start, Cunningham was running in second behind Adam McGill until getting stuck behind a lapped rider. Ryan Lane made the pass and grabbed second place position. Cunningham stayed on his grab bar until the final lap. Cunningham took a new line just before the finish to regain second place before crossing the finish.

“I got by him (Ryan Lane) in the woods about 2 miles into it. I just thought I could cruise but a lapper got crossed up in front of me and he got around me. I ended up catching him again. The whole race I knew there was a line right before the finish. I never took it before, but I knew that’s the spot where I could try to pass him. I stayed right on his bumper until I we got there and I took it and made the pass and crossed the finish.” Said Spider Graphix’ Kevin Cunningham.

After pulling the Holeshot, Blingstar AMA MAXC AA Points leader Ryan Lane battled back and fourth with Kevin Cunningham and Brycen Neal until the finish placing third in the AA Class.

Ryan Lane - Honda 450R ATV
Ryan Lane - Honda 450R ATV
AA Class Points leader Ryan Lane finished third at the Blackhawk MAXC. Ryan Lane still holds donw the AA Class Points lead with one round remaining

“I got a good start. I pulled the Holeshot but I just couldn’t make the front end turn. I was pushing everywhere. I then went back to third. It was back and forth from there. Cunningham had hit a tree and I got around him. I had so much mud on my goggles I was saving a tear off and I pulled it and I realized I went the wrong way. We all then were back together.” Said Dirtworks’ Ryan Lane.

Brycen Neal Holeshot - Honda 450R ATv
#17b Brycen Neal grabbed the Open A Class Holeshot & lead from start to finish to take the Open A Win & fourth overall aboard his Jet Suspension backed Honda 450R ATV

Young and upcoming Open A Class Racer Brycen Neal grabbed his seventh win of the MAXC Race Season. Brycen Neal was running second overall until the final lap and fell back to fourth overall before crossing the finish.

Brycen Neal - Honda 450R ATV
Brycen Neal - Honda 450R ATV
Brycen Neal took his seventh win of the 2012 Blingstar AMA MAXC Racing Season at the Blackhawk MAXC in Culver, Indiana

“The first lap was so fun! The trail was set for me because all the Pro riders set it and I was just hucking it going as fast as I could to catch them. I knew I had a good chance because of the mud. I finally caught Adam (McGill) on the second lap but I couldn’t hold on because my hands were slipping off.  On the last lap me, Ryan (Lane), and Kevin (Cunningham), we all three had a really good battle going on and I got caught behind a lapped rider.” Said Jet Suspension’s Brycen Neal.

Taking second in the Open A class was #385 Braden Nichols followed by #251 Andrew Stafford aboard his Honda 450R ATV.

Kevin Cunningham - Honda 450R ATV

13-15 yrs 300cc 4 Strok class points leader Cory Silverthorn placed second at the Blackhawk MAXC

In the Youth ATV Class Tyler Welch, took his third win of the 2012 Blingstar AMA MAXC Race season. Placing second was 13-15 yrs 300cc 4 Stk Quad Class Points leader #553 Cory Silverthorn. Rounding out the 13-15 yrs 300cc 4 Stk Quad Class podium was #6 Charlie Welch in third.

Blingstar AMA MAXC Racing Series will head back down to southern Indiana for its season finale. The MAXC Round 10 nick named the “Big Nasty” in Nashville, IN is expected to have the biggest turn out of the season. The “Big Nasty” will be held at the old Ski World Resort in Nashville, IN. It will feature many elevation changes, tight technical woods, many off cambers, and a downhill ski jump.

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