2013 Fly Racing Contingency Program

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It pays to FLY in FLY RACING Gear! FLY Racing is proud to support the Mid America Cross Country Series for 2013. Fly Racing supports local racing through the FLY Racer Contingency Program and your local motorcycle dealer! Check out the great benefits available for registered racers.
2013 Race Mid America Cross Country Series race dates are the following :

  1. April 13
  2. May 11
  3. June 9
  4. June 28-30
  5. July 27
  6. August 10
  7. September 7
  8. September 28
  9. October 19
  10. November 2
How to get Registered:

  1. Rider must purchase (1) complete set of pants, jersey, and glove from the 2013 FLY Racing Line . 2013 FLY Racing Line consists of : Evolution Gear, Kinetic Gear, Patrol Gear, and F-16 Gear in either Adult or Youth sizes.
    Purchases are to be from any FLY retailer. Must provide original purchased receipt.
  2. Rider completes the Contingency Registration Form in full, along with your original receipt to FLY Racing/Mid America Cross Country Series Contingency Program, attention Rider Support at 601 E. Gowen Rd., Boise, ID 83716. Form and receipt can also be emailed to raceadmin@flyracing.com or faxed in to 1-800-347-3589. Registration Forms must be filled out completely and legible. Be sure to indicate which class(s) you are participating in. Incomplete or unreadable Registration Forms will be returned and not processed. Upon receiving a returned Registration Form it is up to the rider to fill out a new form and resend it in. If you supply an email address, you will receive a confirmation email when FLY Racing has received your completed registration form.
  3. Riders that are competing in multiple classes must notate on Registration Form. Riders will ONLY be paid for registered classes. Must purchase a set of gear for every 2 registered classes. For example: riding in 3 classes in a series that rider must purchase two sets of gear.
  4. ONLY after completed Registration Forms are received in the FLY office will a participant be eligible for the contingency program. FLY receiving date will be your official start date.

What you get:

  • The FLY Racing/Mid America Cross Country Series Contingency Program will pay points to registered riders finishing 1st thru 10th place for each event in all classes in the 2013 series. Points schedule is as follows:2013 Fly Racing Contingency Points
  • Points earned will be tallied at the end of the series and converted to ‘Race Bucks” at the rate of $1 (retail) per point. A minimum number of riders must enter a class in order for points to be awarded thru 10th place. Points will be paid for up to 75% of each class. In other words if 7 riders sign up for a class the points will be awarded for 1st thru 5th place. If 14 riders sign up for a class then points will be awarded for all 10 places.
  • All riders must meet series attendance requirements to be eligible for points or than of the series scheduled event to be eligible for points. Riders on free product support contracts or discounted sponsorship will not be eligible unless they follow all the guidelines for a non-sponsored rider.
  • Contingency certificates, “FLY Bucks”, will be mailed to riders and must be redeemed in person to any Western Power Sports Dealer or directly through FLY Racing if there is no stocking dealer in the area. “FLY Bucks” are ONLY valid towards FLY product purchases. Payout is subject to promoter limitations or restrictions. “FLY Bucks” are based on manufactures retail price (msrp).3
2013 MAXC Fly Racing Contingency Form

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