Indiana Motorcycle Expo – Quickstop Challenge


This past weekend the MAXC Racing Series set up a booth at the Indiana Motorcycle Expo.
 There, the AMA MAXC Racing Series featured the Quickstop Challenge – Pitstop competition. Anyone could signup for free and compete to see who could record the fastest pitstop time during the weekend. The winning team would win $100 cash from the AMA MAXC Racing Series.

Each two member team had to complete a series of items that is required for any XC racing pitstop including:

  • Changing gloves
  • Changing goggles
  • Fueling up
  • Getting back on the throttle (which was demonstrated by a teammate pushing the other teammate across the finish)


There were over 100 teams that signed up during the weekend including Mike Teutul from the very popular TV show American Choppers. Although Mike and his teammate Tommy Piñata didn’t take home the win, they did however put on a show!

FOX 59 News was also aired a demonstration of the MAXC Quickstop Challenge on the morning show.

It was the two man team of Westfield Powersports who took the win with a time of 12.67 seconds. Westfield Powersports donated the money won in the MAXC Quickstop Challenge to the Riley Miracle Ride / Race.

The MAXC Quickstop Challenge was sponsored by Clark Manufacturing, Dragon Fuels, Lucas Oil, and Outerwears, MAXC, Fly Racing, And Western Powersports.

As a reminder, the first round of the 2013 AMA MAXC Racing Series is fast approaching. The first round dubbed Monster Mountain will be held April 13th in Cannan / Madison, IN. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!


2013 MAXC Quickstop Challenge Results

Westfield Powersports 12.97
Team Ramrod II 15.20
Triple H Racing 16.75
Hobbs Racing 16.90
Big Poppa 17.00
Haspin Heros 17.10
Triple H Racing II 17.19
Mini Cooper 18.10
Testez 18.47
Westfield Yamaha 18.62
Team Coffey 18.90
Coopster 19.10
Demo 19.10
Two Man Team 19.15
Mundy Family 19.30
Girlfriends Friend 19.60
Knight 19.60
Stud Boy Racinng 19.80
Coopster II 20.10
Westfield Motortang 20.20
Hopkins Racing 20.50
Moto Tang 20.60
Team Wildcat 20.90
Team Zuke Troop 21.27
Greenwood Gangsters 21.40
Mundy Family 21.60
Jacobs 22.70
Team SE 23.00
Ride it High 23.10
Triple H Racing 24.19
Team Roberts 24.30
Cook>Reed 24.70
Lint Lickers. 24.78
william Witty Racing 24.93
Mooresville Malitia 25.10
Team Kemper 25.30
Jones 25.40
Beebout 25.50
Columbus East 25.50
Hot Boys Handicap Ride 25.70
Team Zuke Troop Dryer Motorsports 25.86
Woodrats Racing 26.20
Power Pro Pit Stop 26.99
Blue Mines 27.02
Smith Family 27.20
Tean Watson 27.40
Skin to Win 28.10
Team Ramrod 28.19
Mann Team 28.30
Stud Boy Racing 28,80
Martin Racing 29.70
MAXC Trophy Girls 30.60
E Purdy 31.38
Team Hotrod 31.80
Team Lindsay 32.60
W D Racing 34,70
T & T Motorsports 35.61
Hardees Hotties 35.90
Thorstenson 37.00
Trusty Cook 39.34
Lapers 41.00
Smith Family 45.70

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